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Terms and conditions of the service

The undersigned declares to have read, to have received a copy and to fully accept all the clauses in the general contractual conditions reported below, and in particular, also pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, to expressly approve  those under no. 2 (data confidentiality rules), no.3 (price and payment conditions), no. 4 (obligations, declarations and guarantees), no. 5 (prohibition of transferring the contract), no. 6 (validity and start of the service), no. 7 (availability of the service), no.8 (industrial and intellectual property), no. 9 (prohibition of reselling Jobinfurniture.com internet spaces); no. 10 (express termination clause), no. 11 (duration), no. 12 (competent forum).

Likewise the undersigned declares to be aware and to accept without reserve the Usage Rules and the Privacy Policy published in the website Jobinfurniture.com

General Contractual Conditions

These general conditions govern the contractual agreement through which Clients may use the services offered by Jobinfurniture sas (hereafter Jobinfurniture.com) through its website, which serves as a meeting place between those companies that publish job offers and the candidates who enter their curriculum vitae. The use of any Jobinfurniture.com service assumes the full adhesion by the Client to these General contractual conditions without reserve and the Usage Rules, published on the website www.Jobinfurniture.com


The subject of this contract is the services of Jobinfurniture.com relating to the Human Resources with the support of the Jobinfurniture.com website (hereafter the Service). Jobinfurniture.com reserves the right to carry out any technical and/or creative improvements to the website and include such improvements in the Service, during the validity period of this contract.


2.1 The Client declares to have fulfilled the requirements of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), to have received and viewed the Privacy Information and to approve the Jobinfurniture.com Privacy Policy published on the Jobinfurniture.com website.

2.2 Likewise the Client undertakes to:

-              apply, treat and use the data archive owned by Jobinfurniture.com in compliance with the provisions of this contract and pursuant to Jobinfurniture.com directives, Leg. Decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and the Privacy Information;

-              access and use the details of the candidates in compliance with the specific explicit and legal aims of this contract;

-              guarantee the candidates the access rights and the other rights provided for by articles 7 and 8 of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003;

-              not to communicate the personal details of the candidates or any other information to third parties, physical or legal persons, other than those expressly stated in this contract;

-              protect the access to personal details, guaranteeing confidentiality and preventing third parties from gaining access to them;

-              immediately inform Jobinfurniture.com, via e-mail to be sent to imprese@jobinfurniture.com, of any cancellation request, refusal, confirmation in relation to the data held and treated, which the Client may receive from candidates interested in its job offer, so that InfoJobs.it may reply within the terms set by Leg. Decree no. 196/2003;

-              acquire in its database only the data and information that the candidates declare and authorise as available, in compliance with Leg. Decree no. 196/2003;

-              exempt and hold harmless Jobinfurniture from each and any detrimental consequence deriving from the illegitimate treatment of candidates' details and/or in case of non-fulfilment of the points above and more generally of the provisions of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003;

-              promptly inform, and in any case within 24 hours, Jobinfurniture of any problem experienced in the relationship with the candidate;

-              keep the Jobinfurniture.com service access keys secret

-              not to allow access to the Private Menu of the Company to third parties not recognised by Jobinfurniture.com;

-              allow the treatment of its data for the specific goals of the service that is the subject of the contract and the sending of e-mails of a business nature by Jobinfurniture.com, in compliance with current regulations.

2.3 Jobinfurniture.com. expressly declares:

-              to have respected the provisions of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003;

-              that the CVs contained in the Jobinfurniture.com archives and the information included therein, have been authorised by the users (candidates) at the time when they registered to offers that suited their interest and/or received, via e-mail, offers that were relevant to their professional profile;

-              the Jobinfurniture.com users interested in the job offers published by the Client directly register for the offer; therefore the users will provide their CVs to the Client through the Jobinfurniture.com platform;

-              Jobinfurniture.com shall process the data made available for the Client, in compliance with the definitions in this contract and pursuant to the directives of the regulations in force.


3.1 For the service, the Client undertakes to pay Jobinfurniture.com the amount that appears in the offer publication section or in the Purchase Area, each time the Client makes an online purchase, or inside the “Client Sheet”, when this makes an offline purchase through our commercial team. All the prices stated do not include VAT.

3.2 The Client undertakes to punctually make the payments due on the set expiry dates.

3.3 The declaration of conformity and the acceptance of these conditions, as well as the information in the Jobinfurniture.com website, imply the obligation for the Client to pay the corresponding amounts.


4.1. The Client declares that the use of Jobinfurniture.com services is not the purpose of illegal activities and does not compromise the image of Jobinfurniture.com or third parties.

4.2. The Client declares and guarantees that the publication of the company logo or any other advertising material entered by the Client (in case these services were requested) in the Jobinfurniture.com website conforms to legal requirements and does not violate the rights of third parties.

4.3. All the information communicated by the client to Jobinfurniture.com must be truthful. To this effect, the Client guarantees the authenticity of all the data provided at the time of compiling the forms required to subscribe to the services. For the entire duration of the contract, the Client must provide Jobinfurniture.com access to its data and constantly update the data related to its situation by immediately informing Jobinfurniture.com of any amendments.

The Client shall be solely responsible for false or inexact declarations which may give rise to actions that may jeopardise the image of Jobinfurniture.com or the users.


5.1 The Client may not resell, transfer or transmit in any way this contract, or the rights deriving from it. Any resale, transfer or transmission by the Client of this contract shall not be enforceable against Jobinfurniture.com and shall constitute cause for the automatic and immediate resolution of the contract.

5.2. Any modifications to this contract shall be agreed among the parties in writing.


6.1. Upon the acceptance of these general contractual conditions via the website Jobinfurniture.com, the contract shall be intended as valid and effective.

6.2. Upon proven acceptance, Jobinfurniture.com shall activate the agreed services requested by the Client within the necessary technical implementation time.


Jobinfurniture.com may not be held responsible for the suspension or interruption of the online service for technical reasons or force majeure.

Jobinfurniture.com shall not be responsible for the consequences of any suspension or interruption attributable, purely by way of example, to difficult or impossible data communication and/or transmission of any kind, interruption in the provision of electrical energy, strikes by its staff or to third party events and, in general, any impediment or obstacle that may not be overcome with ordinary diligence.


8.1. The content and platform of the website Jobinfurniture.com are protected by current regulations relating to industrial and intellectual property.

8.2. Each of the parties shall immediately inform the other concerning any breach of industrial or intellectual property rights which they are aware of and shall provide full cooperation to defend these rights.


9.1. Without prior express authorisation from Jobinfurniture.com, it is forbidden to resell to third parties spaces on the website Jobinfurniture.com. This prohibition also applies to the hypothesis of reselling internet space and any subsequent use in its name on behalf of third parties.

9.2 The service of reselling internet spaces to third parties is charged and takes place upon the indication of the name of the purchasing third parties to Jobinfurniture.com

9.3 In case of violation, Jobinfurniture.com shall immediately, without any communication, suspend the visibility of the unauthorised spaces on its website. Any request for damages and/or reimbursement and/or claim for indemnity in favour of the non-fulfilling Client and any purchasing third parties is excluded.


10.1 The contract shall be deemed as legally rescinded:

-              in case the Client does not fulfil the payment obligation, according to the agreed terms and methods, after ten days from the expiry date of the payment obligation; during the ten days in which the Client has the obligation to remedy the default, Jobinfurniture.com may suspend the provision of the service.

-              in case the Client is non-fulfilling:

-              art. 2 (data confidentiality rules);

-              art. 4 (obligations, declarations and guarantees);

-              art. 5 (prohibition of transferring the contract);

-              art. 9 (prohibition of reselling spaces to third parties on the Jobinfurniture.com website).

10.2 The termination invoked by any of the parties must be communicated via registered post with return receipt to the other party. The termination of this contract does not exclude the right of Jobinfurniture.com to receive from the Client the payment for the services provided until that time.


The duration of this contract shall be related to the type of service package chosen by the Client.


All the disputes originating from this contract, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, execution and termination, shall be governed by Italian law and shall be the exclusive competence of the Court of Ancona.